This site invites those with an issue to contact the CEO Audrey Lambert for 1StopBedrooms. After calling, emailing and not being replied to for over a month I did just that, emails the CEO.

Please note my original email below:

Dear Sir/Madame;

One April 12th 2018 I placed an order #8323310, paid in full. On May1st I received an email (attached) confirming the warranty details. It has now been over a month since I placed the order and I have not received any details regarding the timing of the delivery.

Yesterday I went to your website to track my order and found the status as ‘delayed’. Given it has now been over 30 days without communication I contacted your Customer Service number 1-866-456-8823.

The automated service indicated I was 128th in line! I held as long as possible and then opted for a call back. Why were there a 128 people in hold?

Later that night at 9pm the auto dialer called me however your offices were closed. I tried calling back the number 1-212-702-8783 and again got the message that your office is closed.

At this point I am beginning to be concerned that very reason I selected your company to make my purchase, a 5 Star Rating is in fact not an my experience and may be a miss representation of the firms performance.

Please provide me an update regarding my order in the next 24-48 hours. Should I fail to hear from anyone I will be forced to contact my credit card to report fraud and subsequent actions

As predicted I have still not received any response from the website, the emails or from the CEO.

I am now preparing to contact both the Better Business Bureau and report a fraud claim to my credit card.

I would strongly recommend anyone considering making a purchase for 1StopBedrooms to select an alternative company!

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