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We apologize that our service did not satisfy your expectations. We inspect orders prior to delivering them to our customers to make certain that items are in perfect condition. Additionally, our excellent packaging and shipping experience reduces the chances of damage occurring. However, we are in the furniture business and unfortunately damage can occur from time to time. Provided you note the issue on the delivery slip and photograph the items with issues and send us the photographs, the manufacturer will send replacement parts or a complete replacement free of charge and the white glove delivery company will be able to bring the items to perfect condition. We stand by our products. You will not be charged for the redelivery of any previously damaged products. We are really apologetic for this delay and we are really thankful to you for your understanding our claims process.
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Update by user Jun 15, 2016

I sent email after email plus called trying to get delivery of sofa. Got an email back that they would love to talk to me, could I send my phone number. the phone number that was on the order and the dozen calls and emails already sent. Sent it again anyway and still never called till I did. And so far, that was my BEST experience with dealing with this company and the missing sofa. BTW, it was ordered in December for delivery 1/5/16, to ensure I would have it for a family gathering in March.

I didn't. Nice racket...they get to keep the sofa AND the money.

I will make sure that will NOT happen. Ever.

Original review posted by user Jun 14, 2016

Almost the identical thing happened to me as previous review, right down to personal info being exposed. I gave a bad review on a site affiliated with them and they told me my personal information had been accidentally displayed. I've never been able to straighten that part out or reinstate the negative review.

My furniture was ordered 12/11/15 for a bedroom set and sleeper sofa that was to be delivered 1/5/16, and I still don't have the sofa. They did attempt delivery (after I called them probably 30 times) in early February, but the sofa was so damaged the driver refused to take it off the truck. He said it was so bad he knew that no one in their right mind would accept delivery, so he wasn't going to take it off only to have to reload it again.

The next day I even offered to have them repair it and redeliver...but again, they never delivered, never called, refuse to respond to emails and left me on hold for 40 minutes...usually followed by being disconnected.

I tried reversing it on my credit card but 1 Stop sent the confirmed delivery slip of the bedroom set as proof of delivery. It wasn't itemized so the credit card company had no way of knowing it was only the bedroom set that was delivered and not the sofa. I've since sent emails from 1Stop to the CC company showing clearly it was never delivered.

I received an email from 1 Stop AFTER the reversal of charges, all full of righteous indignation that I reversed the charges. Mind you, I ordered 12/11/15 for a 1/5/16 delivery (and they did warn it was possible it would be the week of 1/15/16) and I reversed the charges 2/28/16 because absolutely no one would email me, take my call or communicate with me in any way to let me know if or when I would get the sofa. In this email, 1 Stop finally offered to refund my money minus a 30% restocking fee!!!! NO WAY! What a racket! They can make sales worth tens of thousands, never deliver, and then charge a restocking fee...they wouldn't even have to have a real product! What are they restocking if they never delivered the sofa? The credit card company is still negotiating with them because no one but me is out the $987, so they just keep allowing 1 Stop to use stalling tactics, time after time.

I've decided to contact the attorney general for consumer fraud and get an attorney to represent me personally. I should have done it months ago but had a family emergency that has taken most of my time. In the end, if I have to spend money exposing these shady schemes and practices, I'm okay with it....I have no money to spare but I'd rather expose them than eat.

Product or Service Mentioned: 1stopbedrooms Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

I liked: Received nice bedroom set.

I didn't like: No customer service, Refused to return calls or answer emailsl, Falsely claimed i had delivery of item, Do not take responsibility for errors.

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Same here! Scam of a company!

Orange, California, United States #1207571

hey how did this go? were you able to get anything back? im about to go through a similar thing with a whole bedroom set.

to Anonymous #1255134

Sorry...didn't see this till now. I finally got a refund from the credit card company in face of overwhelming documentation by me.

But it took about seven months. Document EVERYTHING!


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