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1stopbedrooms, I’m not sure where to begin here, but I guess a good start would be thank you.

A few months ago my elderly parents decided to move into a smaller apartment because I being the 7th kid got married and they found no reason to stay in a home with 5 bedrooms. The rest of my siblings have been married with children for a while now. To make a long story short they figured they didn’t need as much as space anymore, and decided to leave the house to me along with everything in it to build my family (my wife is expecting).

To say I was stunned by this decision is an understatement but I obviously I owed them tremendously and decided I would take it upon myself to furnish their new apartment entirely. Clearly this would not be as expensive as a new home but a cheap endeavor it was not. I began asking them to hang out with me on my off-days to visit furniture showrooms under the guise that I was looking for new furniture for myself in order to get a sense of what they would like.

We walked into an Ashley Furniture showroom and they pointed out the North Shore collection as soon as we got there. They spotted it fairly quickly and they made my job a whole lot easier. I went ahead and spoke to the rep at the showroom, collected the model numbers and other pertinent information, and from my smartphone already began price shopping the collection on the internet.

I went ahead and chose a company I had never heard of based in Maryland after seeing they had the cheapest price and not much else. My impulse kicked in and I left a message in my cart saying I needed to have it within 4 weeks minimum for their move-in date.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking. I was foolish to make such a big ticket purchase without calling the company I first. Well folks, I’m an optimist. I assume the best in people and businesses until proven otherwise. I thought they gave it their best shot online with a good price and trusted that alone. I’d be proven wrong.

A few weeks later the company had called me and told me the living room collection had been on backorder but a new shipment from the manufacturer would be coming in at a new price that they could get out to me ASAP as long as I’d pay the updated price. This felt like a bait and switch routine and I was not having it. I asked them to cancel the order and shamed them for pulling such a tactic.

I hopped right back on the internet and got a little smarter with my approach - I began judging companies by their reputation rather than price alone (which I suggest you should all do!) and picked up the phone to speak to them myself. I came across 1stopbedrooms and filled them in on my sticky situation being that my parents would now be moving in less than 2 weeks. To say that they empathized with me would be an understatement. Not only did they price match the price I had from the other company but they assured me that it would be in my parents home on the EXACT date of their move in. I was skeptical at first but what did I have to lose at this point - after all I was already late.

After having been in the dark with the last company I had ordered from I was not going to take that chance this time around. I called 1stopbedrooms the next day to find out if there were any new issues and they replied as if I had just landed from space. Of course there were no issues. They had informed me that they had already located a freight forwarder and would upgrade my service level to white-glove free of charge. For those of you who don’t know what white-glove is (I did not at the time of ordering). White-Glove shipping is when the freight forwarder gives you the white glove treatment. They will unbox your furniture and set it up in the room of your choice. Beyond that they will actually assemble the furniture for you should it need assembly and the best part is that they clean up after themselves. Tipping is neither suggested nor expected. It’s an amazing upgrade.

Friday October 28th I get a phone call from the freight provider telling me they will be arranging Saturday delivery from 1stopbedrooms and to make sure someone would be home to accept it. You bet someone would be available! My wife and I had driven up to the new apartment to get my parents settled in. They had brought over some old furniture from the garage temporarily in the U-Haul which I was ok with to keep the surprise alive. The delivery guys showed up around noon and my dad greeted them insisting there was a mistake and that he had not ordered anything. He finally realized what was going on moments later and it was truly a special moment. They love the collection. I love what I paid for it and how it made them feel. But most importantly I love 1stopbedrooms and commend them for not just selling me furniture but selling me a relationship. I will consider 1stop exclusively when we are able to afford remodeling our “new old” home!

Pro Tip: They have a killer referral program. I’ve referred 6 of my colleagues from work to them and they each saved 10% on their total order which is cool. What’s cooler is that I’ve racked up $300 in credit ($50 per referral) towards my next purchase. While that doesn’t seem like much in the context of an expensive furniture remodel, it is pretty significant in the context of how much 1stop already saves you to begin with. I’m one of those customers who gets real hyped about a company that does right by me and actually spent my first month riding on Uber for free because of all the people I referred :). The gratitude pays off that’s for sure.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Furniture Set.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Chelsea, Massachusetts, United States #1346535

I'm not sure where to begin here, but this is fake news!

Winterset, Iowa, United States #1242310

Refer me..............


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