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Thank you for bringing this your issue to our attention I’m sorry to hear about your experience. This is definitely not a usual occurrence at our business. I have personally reached out to our delivery carrier regarding your experience and will help remedy the situation to prevent this driver from making any future furniture deliveries. We try to maintain the highest standards of service, but it’s clear we fell short in your case. Once again please accept my sincere apologies.

In Feb/2016 I purchased an Ashley bedroom set through 1stop. Delivery took about 4 weeks, but I knew it would take some time.

When it arrived the delivery guy seemed annoyed he had drop the boxes in entry way. I opened them and realized I would have to call the company d/t damaged side rail, crushed corner on triple dresser, and drawers that wouldn't close properly on the end tables. I was told someone would be sent out to fix the drawers, a new side rail would be sent and for me to send pics of the triple dresser. It took several months to send me a repair guy as we were working mostly on getting the triple dresser reordered and delivered.

The side rail was sent quickly and easily from the warehouse. Six months later we were still dealing with replacement of the triple dresser. It took three attempts as each dresser sent ALSO had corner damage. I was told by one delivery man that they toss the furniture around in the warehouse and that is where the damage occurs, not in the delivery itself.

Never-the-less it took six months to replace this one dresser! The first delivery guy also said he would take back the old one and use it himself as a tool bench! The last delivery man to come was really odd, checking me out the whole time he was putting the legs on the dresser, making me very uncomfortable in my own home. (One stop farms out the deliveries to companies who in turn may farm out the job to a smaller delivery company).

One stop has no idea or control over who does the delivery or what type of people are sent into your home! The drawer repair guy when he came rushed as fast as he could to get out of here (late in the day) and I had to keep redirecting him to the other problem drawers before he tore out of here. It felt like he wasn't getting paid for his time here and wanted out of my house asap! A lot of tension in the air!

My boyfriend JUST noticed recently on the upright posters that two have crush damage they must have received in transit. It was hard for me to notice this since the wood is so dark, but once pointed out quite obvious. I have contacted Jeff who asked for pics which I have sent. Now I am waiting as each time I call it is a Jewish Holiday and they are closed!

At this point it has become comical. I was told I will receive compensation at the end of all this but no dollar amount or TYPE OF COMPENSATION has been discussed, and no end seems to be in sight! It has been six months of this dragging out and I want this problem out of my life so I can move on. I even canceled the order at one point on my CC, disputing this mess but they came back with an excuse that put the charge back in place.

I would have had to hire an independent person to come in to back up what I was saying about the damage in order to get full credit but I had trouble finding someone to write up a damage report for me. I am hoping that the spindles to the bed are replaced and I receive adequate compensation for all the headaches this order had caused me. I am about to order another bed set but this time it will be through my local furniture company.

This has been an ordeal I don't wish to repeat!

Product or Service Mentioned: Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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